Keywords: NoSQL, SQL, RDBMS and Hadoop.

What is NoSQL and the difference between SQL and NoSQL ?

When data handling is not following RDBMS data rules and regulations, data stored as it comes under the columns defined on the fly then we can refer it as NoSQL database. There are no referential integrity rules on the NoSQL. Where as SQL based RDBMS is highly structured and supports all the needs of OLTP and OLAP systems. But RDBMS needs proper analysis and design changes whener there are new fields are required to add to a table. But in NoSQL, we can add data immdeiately by adding additional columns. Later we can consolidate the data in related columns.

NoSQL is a middle ground between Hadoop and RDBMS (SQL) platforms where Hadoop handles highly structured data where as RDBMS handles highly structured data, but NoSQL is right for semistructured flexible data handling needs.


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What is NoSQL and the difference between SQL and NoSQL ?

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