Keywords: Tableau 10.1 Beta version released for Desktop and Server. Several Tableau clients testing the product as I write this blog.

Tableau 10.1 Beta version released for Desktop and Server

We know that Tableau 10.0 released just few days back. On August 28th, Tableau released 10.1 beta version. The beat is mainly towards resolving minor bugs and issues. We have few customers having issues with Windows 10 compatibility, specially with Tableau 10 Desktop. We are working on collecting possible critical issues if there are any to be addressed in 10.1 beta.
As Tableau competitors coming up with products such as QlikSense and Power BI with mind-set of self service and eating up some Tableau market share… Tableau taking the game to the next level with Tableau 10 version in Desktop and Server. As we already know Tableau now provides Tableau Online option which is a Tableau Server in the cloud for the purpose of the report distribution to the end users. We know Tableau server is not just for report distribution… it can schedule and execute jobs, control security and lot more other things.


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