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What is the Difference between Tableau, QlikView, MSBI and PowerBI – PART I

Difference between Tableau, QlikView, MSBI and PowerBI – PART I

Tableau, QlikView, MSBI and Power BI all are part of Business Intelligence and Analytics platform.

What is Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform?

Business Intelligence Systems help in the decision making process of the business by providing information for analysis from variety of sources. The information from BI systems provides VISIBILITY in to various business operations and helps to understand CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR. The visibility and consumer behaviour can expose PROBLEMS or ISSUES along with OPPORTUNITIES, this helps Business to make DICISIONS and ACTIONS either to fix problems or to take advantage of opportunities.

During 1990’s Decision Support Systems (DSS) helping business in the decision making process. Majority of the DSS systems were having static reporting using stored procedures, SQL, Cobol, Easytrieve, SAS etc.

During 2000’s DSS rebranded to Business Intelligence Systems to help decision making process of business by adding visually rich and interactive reports using Cognos, Business Objects, Microstrategy etc.

During 2010’s visual analytics tools with ease of use along with more advanced and automated features such as Tableau, QlikView etc are popular in BI area.

What is Tableau ?

Tableau is Data Visualization and Analytics platform. Tableau comes with two main commercial product lines – Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. It is not open source product.

Tableau Desktop: It is the product that helps to develop reports, dashboards and stories in the workbook. The ease of use the best in the industry.

What is QlikView ?

Data Visualization and Analytics platform with scripting ability to write several hundred lines of code to prepare the data during visualization. On the rich graphical visualizations and ease of use – it is after Tableau !

What is MSBI ?

Microsoft Business Intelligence is Microsoft BI platform which includes Data Integration (SSIS), Multidimensional Data Cube (SSAS) and Reporting system (SSRS). For comparison SSRS is the component that is competing with Tableau. In comparison with SSRS, Tableau clearly the winner in terms of ease of use, rich visualization and analytics.

What is Power BI ?

It is Microsoft new Data Visualization and Analytics product to compete with Tableau because MSBI SSRS is failing to complete. The first level comparison between Tableau and Power BI declares Tableau as the winner. So, we have to wait and see the future versions of Power BI and market acceptance.


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