About Us

The WisdomAxis.com website launched in 2015 by highly experienced IT Architect.


Make Wisdom Axis as a trusted DATA specific technologies knowledge source.


The objective of Wisdom Axis is to act as an interactive tool to address technical doubts in data driven technologies.

Also, provide basic education about technologies dealing with DATA.

Help Us by reporting errors, bugs and complaints:

The website is developed and maintained by WisdomAxis web developers team. Please report any errors, bugs or complaints about the content to email ID: wisdomaxis@gmail.com

The Journey:

WisdomAxis.com launched on August 19th, 2015. The website started as an interactive tool to address technical doubts in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing domain.

In 2015 it was only focused on Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. Over a period, other technologies such as Power BI, QlikView, MSBI, BIG Data, Hadoop, Python, Data Science and others added to the list.