Functions in Power BI Dashboards, general functions, layout, design, tile, data alerts, views, QR code, data classification and dashboard themes.

Tiles :

• Dashboard contain tiles, we can pin a tile from a report, another dashboard, excel workbook, quick insights, reporting services and so on.

• We can use standalone tiles in dashboards using 'Add Tile' for images, text boxes, videos, streaming data and web content.

Data Alerts in Power BI Service :

• Set alerts to notify you when data in your dashboards changes beyond limits you set.

• You can set alerts on tiles if you have a Power BI Pro license.

• Only you can see alerts you set, even if you share your dashboard.

• Data alerts are fully synchronized across platforms.

Create a phone view of a dashboard :

• Tiles in dashboard are laid out on after another when you view dashboards in the Power BI mobile app on a phone.

• You can create a customized view of any dashboard that you own, especially for phones.

Create a QR code for a tile :

• QR Codes in Power BI can connect anything in the real world directly to related BI information, no navigation or search needed.

• You can create a QR code in the Power BI service for tiles in any dashboard, even in dashboards you can't edit.

Add an image to a dashbaord :

• One way is to pin an image from a report to a dashboard.

• Another way is to add it directly onto the dashboard using Add tile.

Dashboard data classification :

• Dashboard classification is required to raise awareness with those viewing your dashboards about what level of security should be used.

• You can tag your dashboards (using 'Dashboard classification tags') with classifications defined by your company's IT department.

• When a dashboard contains sensitive and secure data, it becomes mandatory to implement 'Dashboard data classification'.

Dashboard themes :

• Dashboard themes can apply a color theme to the entire dashboard.

• When you apply a Dashboard theme, all visuals on your dashboard use the colors from the selected theme (with few exceptions).


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