Configuring automatic refresh in Power BI.

Power BI now has all of the information it needs to refresh the data, both on demand and on a scheduled basis. Expanding the Schedule Refresh section, you can define when Power BI attempts to refresh the dataset. The following Figure shows an example of a data refresh scheduled twice daily, at 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

You can configure automatic data refresh to run daily or weekly and at different times.

Note You need a license for Power BI Pro to schedule more than one refresh per day. Using the free Power BI license, you can schedule only one daily refresh. In case the refresh fails, you have the option to receive an email alert so that you can take the needed remedial actions. At this point, you can either wait for the refresh to happen or, if you want to be sure that everything is set up correctly, you can force an immediate refresh. To perform this operation, in the navigation pane on the left, in the Datasets section, click the ellipsis to the right of the data source (Sales PBD, in our example; step 1 in the above Figure), and then click Refresh Now, shown as step 2 in the following Figure.

Figure: You can refresh a dataset immediately by clicking Refresh Now.

When you ask for a refresh, Power BI prepares for the data refresh and then starts it. Depending on the size of the dataset and the speed of the Internet connection, the time to carry out the refresh can range from a few seconds, to a much longer duration. You can see when a dataset was last refreshed by looking in the same window where you asked for the immediate refresh (click the ellipsis to the right of the data set).


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