All about Data Scientist role, qualifications, salaries, responsibilities, requirements and job trends.

Role Name: Data Scientist

In this article, we will try to explain all about Data Scientist role, qualifications, salaries, responsibilities and job trends.

The Data Scientist Role:

The role of Data Scientist is to predict the future out comes by using the data, this data can be structured, semi-structures and unstructured which referred as BIG Data. To know more about data varieties click here

Data Scientist works with Business Users and Executive management to understand current business problems and derive use cases to address business problems. These use cases will drive the data needs and required models to run and so on.

The Data Scientist Qualifications:

It is not mandatory to have Ph.D. in stats, but good to have. Some companies make it as mandatory to have Ph.D. in stats or mathematics and other related subjects.

Realtime experience as a Data Scientist with Masters degree is preferred most the time. There are Data Scientist with just graduation and lot of statistical and modeling experience.

How to become a Data Scientist if I am in different technologies? (or) how to become a Data Scientist if I am a fresh graduate? The main reason for many ask these questions is the SALARY of Data Scientist. We will post an article regarding these in next few days.

The Data Scientist Salary:

The salary of a Data Scientist is NOT above $200000 per YEAR!

So, don’t think you are missing a great LUCRATIVE job opportunity. The salaries of Data Scientist are just about $5000 more than Software Engineers, Data Engineers, ETL Developers, BI Developers and so on. In general, they are anywhere from $100000 to $150000 for Data Scientist with up to 5 years of experience. Only less than 1% of Data Scientist are touching the $200000 mark with Ph.D., strong business domain knowledge and more than 5 years of real Data Scientist experience.

The Data Scientist Responsibilities:

Any job portal can provide the details of responsibilities, we strongly recommend visiting few job portals and observe the responsibilities, these can vary by the company business domain and the position experience levels. In general, the following are the responsibilities:

• Develop Data Science models
• Develop Data Ingestion pipelines
• Collaborate with Business and Product Owners
• Conduct Data Analysis and Data Mapping
• Create Data Visualizations
• Present outcomes after implementing Models

The Data Scientist Current Job Trend:

The spike in demand for the role of Data Scientist has been drastically reduced. There was huge media hype for the position, but that is not there anymore. This trend can vary by country, in general we are representing the USA market. Many US universities introduced MS in Data Science about 5 years back, there are lot of fresh graduates coming out of college every year and semester, companies are hiring these fresh graduates for less than $90000 salaries. For freshers any salary above $70000 is a great boost, they simply accept it so that they can pay off their student loans.

If you are an experienced professional, already making above $125000 and then you must think twice before opting for Data Scientist role.

The bottom line: “Now, the Data Scientist role is not about high salary, it is about - 'Are you passionate about the Data Science Work?' “

Job Portals to Find Data Scientist Positions:

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