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Boolean Expression in Python

Boolean Expression helps in confirming True OR False given a comparison.

> 4 == 4
> 6 == 2

True AND False are not strings. They belong to type bool.
We can validate the type by using the following example code. > type(True)
type 'bool'
> type(False)
type 'bool'

Comparison Operators in Python

Comparison Operators are available for the purpose of comparison. We validate equal to, greater than or less than and so on. To support these kind of comparisons, we use comparison operators. For example, the earlier used '==' is one os the comparison operator.

The following are list of comparison operators:

a == b # it represents a equal to b

a > b # it represents a greater than b

a < b # it represents a less than b

a != b # it represents a not equal to b

a >= b # it represents a greater than or equal to b

a <= b # it represents a less than or equal to b

a is b # it represents a is the same as b

a is not b # it represents a is not the same as b

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