Tableau Trend Analysis Forecasting Anlytics Models Linear, Exponential, Logarithmic, Polynomial, Additive, Multiplicative, seasonal impact.

Explain Tableau Trend Analysis ?
Explain Tableau Forecasting ?
What are the Models in Trend Analysis ?
Explain models Linear, Exponential, Logarithmic, Polynomial ?
Explain models Additive, Multiplicative, seasonal impact ?

Trend Analysis :

It is about finding the behaviour of historic activity based on detailed historic information. The more detailed and accurate information we provide in Trend models the results will be that much accurate.
The following are available models in Tableau for Trend Analysis.

• Linear
• Logarithmic
• Exponential
• Polynomial

Forecast :

It is about predicting future trends based on historic trend. Indirectly Forecast uses Trend Analysis. The more detailed and accurate historic information we provide in Forecast models the results will be that much accurate.
The following are available models in Tableau for Forecast.

• Additive
• Multiplicative

In Tableau Forecast, the Automatic option includes seasonal impact, the Custom option allows to opt for Additive and Multiplicative options in Trend and Season.


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