What is BIG Data, Solutions, definition, tools and technologies, Unstructured Data vs Semistructured vs structured data

BIG Data

BIG Data is ‘Unstructured Data’. We can define unstructured data as the data which is not organized in the form of COLUMNS and ROWS.

Example: text messages, logs, pdf documents, email body, audio files, video files, images and so on…

Structured Data

It is the data organized in COLUMNS and ROWS.

Example: RDBMS Database tables, excel file sheets or text files or any other variety of files with column name and rows… so on…

Solution to Convert BIG Data in to Structured Data

There are several solutions, that includes… writing object oriented programs, using Hadoop or Spark platform then use mapreduce or scala or python or java and so on…

Depending on the volume of the data and analytics need... the solution can change.